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DEVELOPMENT: Our Journey, Your Home

At The Real Estate Collaborative, in-house development is at the core of our business model.Our turnkey approach is founded upon architectural tenets that comply with today's lifestyle. Each home is unique and created according to its environment. However, all of our developments are built upon the same principals of smart design, high quality, low maintenance, and ensuring the future owner is provided with everything they want and need and nothing they don't. We balance technology with function and alternative products that benefit the end user and the environment and don’t stop until we’ve taken the property to its highest and best use. The result is a home that has value, function and beauty. 

TREC is more than an acronym—it represents the journey we take with each project.  

TREC’s integrated platform allows us engineer value at each step of development; capital, construction, brokerage, and best-in-show collaborators. We are licensed general contractors in Connecticut as well as brokers in California, Connecticut, Florida, and New York. This allows us to bring the highest level of quality and added value as an investor to the consumer. Our refined design aesthetic and well-established partnerships provide the financial and construction benefits of working directly with talented individuals on each phase of the project. While our current focus is bespoke residential projects, we are eager to explore opportunities across a variety of real estate endeavors. 

We create unique products that distinguish us from others in the marketplace, be it a waterfront home, a luxury rental, a boutique hotel, or a local wellness center. While our design projects are varied and diverse, we achieve economies of scale through multiple simultaneous projects and strong relationships with our long-standing collaborators. Most importantly, we are always open to—and excited by—new ideas.


The vertically integrated TREC platform allows us the flexibility to be a full-service partner, providing financing, construction, design and/or brokerage. Additionally, we bring a regional understanding of what will succeed in different local markets, which better informs every investment opportunity. 

Our approach of managing each aspect of an investment under one roof is an advantage in finance and execution. After years of developing the TREC concept, we continue to add value for builders, architects, and investors. Our seamless approach ensures our projects are completely bespoke, as we work exclusively with choice properties in optimal locations that have been thoughtfully researched. TREC delivers a finished project for less than the typical ask and within a tighter time frame, which results in greater savings; because we function as our own investors or co-investors, we are able to deliver profitable results at levels normally reserved for larger developers. Our fluid approach uniquely allows us to move quickly on opportunities which may require a nimble response. Our current primary focus is residential, although we look at all types of relevant opportunities and envision evolving to take advantage of an ever-changing market. 

J and J Farms

J and J Farms


TREC uses a model that is rarely seen elsewhere in the marketplace. Our in-house brokerage affords the entire team transparency as they operate in the field, which is a crucial asset when canvassing, acquiring, and selling properties. Above all else, it adds significant value by improving the bottom line and resulting in a better final product for the consumer or investor. TREC’s brokerage component evolved from a long-standing, well-respected family business that has parlayed years of experience and a deep passion for real estate into a business model with a collaborative outlook. 

Working well with brokers is key, but at TREC we are redefining and improving the normal buy/sell process by adding value to our products and investments. Following is the entire six-step, value-added service of TREC’s platform on an actual transaction:

  1. Sales Brokerage: TREC was the buyer's agent and negotiated a purchase price 20% under appraised value.

  2. Design: TREC designed and renovated the home with local architect 

  3. General Contractor: TREC's construction team executed the build.

  4. Project Management: TREC coordinated and managed the budget and entire project.

  5. Rental Brokerage: TREC, the listing broker, wrote a two-year lease that gave the client long-term value and cash flow.

  6. Property Management: TREC is now managing the property for the full term of the lease. 

Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay