TREC uses a model that is rare elsewhere in the marketplace. Our In-house brokerage affords the entire team transparency as they operate in the field, which is a crucial asset when searching, canvassing, and acquiring new properties. Above all else, it adds significant value by improving the bottom line and resulting in better products for the consumer or investor. TREC’s brokerage component evolved from a long standing and well respected family business that has parlayed many years of experience and a deep love of real estate into a novel business model with a collaborative outlook. 

Working well with brokers is key, but at TREC we are disrupting the process by going to a fee-based model that further positions us as modern, value-add partners. Our streamlined approach cuts our overhead, thereby enhancing our bottom line, and our consumers, in both sales and rentals. Whether the need is capital, construction, or brokerage, we are a modern firm structured to collaborate at every stage of the process. We are registered brokers in the states of Connecticut, New York, Florida, and California.